Dr. Ahmad Ammar Arshad

HOD of Nephrology


Welcome to the Nephrology Department at Sialkot Medical College, led by Dr. Ahmad Ammar Arshad. It is an honor to commence this academic journey under his esteemed guidance.

Dr. Ahmad Ammar Arshad brings exceptional expertise to the field of Nephrology. As you explore the intricacies of renal care, recognize the pivotal role your dedication plays in enhancing patients’ quality of life.

Embrace the challenges, develop a keen understanding of kidney health, and cultivate empathy for those facing renal issues. Dr. Ahmad Ammar Arshad is committed to fostering your growth as future nephrologists, combining medical excellence with a profound sense of compassion.

Nephrology Faculty List

Dr. Zahid Hafeez

Assistant Professor

Dr. Zahid Hafeez

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